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18 Great Tips To Maintain a Clean Home

18 Great Tips To Maintain a Clean Home 12 May

Cleaning a messy house is a drag for most of us. Besides, it takes lot of time. Maintaining a clean home is not only a necessity but also a better way to deal with dust, dirt and kitchen waste. If you who make an effort to keep your home clean, you will not have to wait for weekends. The goal of this post is to provide you with these 18 great tips to maintain a clean home. We hope you will find this post helpful.

Make Your Bed

If you want to keep your home clean, it is a good idea to start by making your bed. An untidy bed makes your room look messy, and it is a breeding ground for germs. The task is easy and simple but it will give you a sense of accomplishment. A tidy bed can also improve your sleep. If possible, simplify your bedding by using fewer pillows.

Don’t Leave Dirty Dishes On Your Counters

You will find it a lot easier to keep your home clean if you empty the dishwasher regularly. Make sure there is no dirty dish on the counter or in the sink. Use a high-quality dish soap to clean your dirty dishes. The task will take not more than 5 minutes but it will make your home look a lot tidier.

Clean up your kitchen once you have finished cooking

Your kitchen might look awful if the countertops are dirty. A dirty countertop is also a breeding ground for bacteria. If the dishwasher is already emptied, loading dishes is a quick process. Do not forget to wipe your countertops every time you cook. The task is very simple because you do not have to move everything. Just put the waste away and clean the place.

Recycle Paper

There may be bills, mail, catalogues, store flyers and other types of papers in your house. If you are not careful about minimizing the use of paper, soon you may notice that your kitchen counter and dining table are laden with different types of papers. If you do not address the issue soon, you will find it very hard to deal with.

When daily mail arrives, deal with it immediately. You will find it easy to deal with junk mail if you have a shredder. Bills can be put in a sorter so that you can access them whenever you need. Above all, try to minimize the use of paper in your house.

Develop a Daily Laundry Habit

It can be a life changing habit. Before you head to work, pop a load everyday. Here is another idea: if your washing machine has delayed start functionality, set it to a time before you get back home. Thus you can do some laundry later in the day. After dinner, put your damp clothes to the dryer. It takes just few minutes to put away some laundry. So you can do it before you go to bed. Make sure you wash the clothes you wear regularly.

Pay Attention To The High Traffic Areas

A good way to prevent the spread of germs and dirt is to keep the high traffic areas in your house clean. Your house will look neat if you clean these areas regularly. At the entrance door, make sure you have a particular place for keeping shoes. Make sure the dirt carried by shoes does not spread. You can deal with the incoming dirt by using rugs at the entrance door. Wipe down the paws of your furry friends when they enter your home.

Use Door Mats

You will not have to clean your floor very often if there is very little soil indoors. To reduce your workload, you can keep door mats at the entrance of your home. Every few days, shake them outside or vacuum them. Make it a habit to rub your shoes every time you stand on the mat.

Scrub Your Toilet

Purchase a high-quality toilet bowl cleaner, apply it and let it sit for several minutes before you scrub the toilet. Use a stiff toilet brush to do it. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe down the toilet. For a germ free toilet seat, spend some time cleaning and disinfecting it.

Sanitize Your Phone And Other Handy Electronic Gadgets.

Believe it or not, your cell phone is a perfect breeding ground for germs. It may even contain more germs than a toilet seat. Use an alcohol wiper to zap germs from your phone. Treat your computer mouse and TV remote in the same way. Your handy electronic gadgets may look clean but in fact they are very, very dirty.

What About Your Coffee Maker?

Mix vinegar with water and fill the reservoir of your coffee maker with the liquid. It can effectively descale the reservoir. Here is an additional tip for doing it: let the liquid seat in the bowl for half an hour. Afterwards, rinse it with clean water.

Deodorize your smelly sneakers

Here is a smart way to do it: take some baking soda and sprinkle it inside your gym bag and shoes. Let it sit for a few hours. It can even be left overnight. Before you use them, just zap them. However, this is not the easiest way to deodorize smelly sneakers. If you are super busy, you can use a shoe deodorizer to save your time.



Clear Your Clogged Drains

You do not have to clear a clogged drain with just water. Mix a 1/2 cup of vinegar with 1/2 cup of baking soda. Cover the mixture with a piece of wet cloth. Leave the mixture for a few minutes. Then take some hot water and flush the mixture through the drain.

However, if the clogging is more complicated, you need professional help. In Palm Beach County, Florida, there are professional water damage restoration service providers. Although they are known for providing carpet cleaning services, they provide some other services in the event you have a carpeted bathroom area.

Get Your Family Involved

It is really good to get the other members of your family involved in the cleaning activities. The tasks may require many hands, but if you can teach your children how to maintain cleanliness, you will reap the benefits in the long run. So, when you are cleaning something, ask your children to be present there.Simple tasks such as placing toys in a designated area when finished playing with them and by having one or two areas in the home where toys are allowed can definitely control how much time you spend cleaning up. A few small good habits can make a huge difference.

Make Sure Basic Cleaning Supplies Are Always Available

Make sure you always have some basic cleaning supplies such as a spray bottle, a scrub brush, a polishing cloth, and some microfiber cloths. Apart from these cleaning supplies, you should have access to plenty of water and some vinegar. If you wish, you can choose a multi-purpose cleaner.

If you have these cleaning supplies ready, you will be able to clean your house whenever you need to. Whenever you have a small cleaning task, do not leave it for the future. If you do it now, it will take just a couple of minutes. But if you leave it, you will have to live with mess.

Take Something Out When Leaving A Room

Yes, this simple habit can make a noticeable difference. When you leave your room, do a scan and see if there is something that is absolutely unnecessary. If you find something, take it with you and place it where it belongs.

But make sure you do not do it without any reason. If it is not necessary, moving a big object from one room to another is not a good idea at all. The things you take with you can be some dirty dishes and some laundry. Before you put something away, make sure you touch it one time. This is also known as “one touch rule”.


Decluttering not only makes your home clean and tidy but also makes you feel good. Yes, it takes some time, but it is certainly worth the effort. Just eliminate the things you are no longer using, and your home will look clean. Besides, you will have to spend very little time cleaning it.

Another great way to tidy up is to keep things in places where they belong. If you can do it, you will not have to waste time looking for things. Do some research online and you will find some great tips on how to declutter home.

Develop a cleaning schedule

To keep your home clean and tidy, developing a home cleaning schedule is of utmost importance. If there is spilled coffee on your kitchen floor or carpet, do not let it sit for a long time. Mopping the spilled coffee takes just a few seconds, so it is doable. Later, it will save a lot of time, because removing coffee stains is not easy.

We love our fury pets and often times there are accidents that also require a deep clean of your upholstery, area rugs or carpets. By having a regular cleaning schedule  will also help to maintain a healthier home. Find professional carpet cleaning service in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Freshen Your Shower Curtain

If you have vinyl or plastic curtains in your bathroom, you may notice moldy spots on them. To banish the spots, throw the curtains in your washing machine. Add sufficient detergent and put a couple of bath towels in the machine. They will provide some extra cleaning agitation. Dry them in the air. And if you have to put them in a dryer, make sure the heat is low. After each shower, stretch the curtain to make sure it is not excessively moist.

Restore Your Shower Pressure

If your shower head is clogged, you can unclog it with some white vinegar. In a plastic bag, mix some white vinegar with water. Tie the bag around the head of the shower. Make sure the holes are immersed in the solution. Leave it that way for an hour and then remove the loosened deposits. It works for a simple reason: vinegar removes rust. Just do it. You will be amazed at the results.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a clean home is as hard as it sounds! But you can keep your living space clean and pleasant by developing some good habits. And we all know that developing a habit is not something that can be done overnight. It is a good idea to approach cleanliness as a lifestyle. We hope you will implement the tips provided in this post and try to keep your home clean.


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