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Water Damage Restoration in the Palm Beach County Area

Water damage from flooding due to the weather or broken plumbing can spell death for your expensive carpets. But not all is lost. If your carpets have suffered water damage, there are restoration techniques available that can salvage your carpet, reviving it back to life.

At Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration we have perfected the art of water damage restoration for carpet cleaning. We cover both residential and commercial carpet restoration that’s had water damage. If your premises has suffered disaster due to water, we are available for an emergency clean up service. The sooner we are called to the job, the better. We will remove the water, dry the carpets out, then clean them professionally so they look and smell great again.

Don’t give dangerous mold a chance to set it. If your carpets have suffered water damage, call in the expert recovery team. Our estimates are free, so get in touch today.

Our service areas include: Located in Palm Beach, FL, serving a 20 mile radius.