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Water Damage Restoration in the Palm Beach County Area

Homeowners aren’t always sure what to do after a flooding emergency happens to their home. At Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we understand how frustrating and uncertain this type of situation is for homeowners. We also know the importance of taking action right away. The faster you get rid of the water in your home, the less money it costs for water damage repair.

Allowing moisture to get into the flooring, drywall, and other parts of the home can allow mold to form. Water extraction minimizes flood damage and protects your home’s flooring.

Commercial Water Restoration Services

Homes aren’t the only structures affected by flooding and require prompt cleanup. Businesses also benefit from restoration services. When water gets into a commercial property, it threatens more than just the structure of the building: It also threatens productivity and profits.

Water damage also puts employees and customers at risk if it comes into contact with electrical components. And, of course, if mold is allowed to grow, that can create a dangerous and unpleasant environment for employees and customers.

These reasons make it imperative that commercial property owners take flood restoration cleanup seriously. Our team of experts know the best and most effective way to rid your commercial property from water damage.

Emergency Water Restoration Services

Don’t wait for your home or business to “dry out”. Immediate flood damage restoration services protect your home or building from soggy carpets and rotted sub floors, and help rid the area of bad odors. Buildings that are promptly restored after a flooding incident tend to smell bad for days or weeks following the incident. When water seeps into your carpet, we have special equipment to extract the water and save your carpets. The quicker we get into your home or business, the better chance you have of saving your existing flooring to save you money. That is why we offer emergency clean up services. Our services provide effective odor removal, so your building doesn’t just look clean, but smells clean too.

Our team is ready to assist you today. Whether you have a flooded home due to a burst pipe or a commercial property that’s taken on water because of a hidden leak, we’re ready to help stop the damage from getting worse and to take steps to restore your property. Whether you’re dealing with plumbing issues or the result of bad weather, you can count on Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration to restore your home or building to its previous condition.

Call us today to have a member of our team come to your property to inspect the damage and provide an estimates for our emergency restoration services. Our quality services include water restoration from carpets, area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleanup and more!

Don’t wait for the situation to fix itself, because it won’t. Your best chance at avoiding expensive repairs and mold growth is to call Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration today for quality water extraction and restoration services in the Palm Beach County area.