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10 Best Plants For Your Home 12 May

10 Best Plants For Your Home

Indoor plants are popular for many reasons. Along with the fact that they blend well with many styles of decorating, plants like eucalyptus or rosemary can also provide a lovely aromatic fragrance which can promote relaxation.Plants be integrated into the décor in many different ways - a green wall, scattered pots, hanging planters, large floor…

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10 Tips For An Environmentally Friendly Garden 27 Feb

10 Tips For An Environmentally Friendly Garden

At Champion Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we are passionate about the environment and the many ways we can implement these ideas to make our living space a more environmentally friendly one. It is for the very same reason why we ensure our cleaning products are also eco-friendly and safe to be used around pets’ animals…

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How to Prevent Mold 20 Feb

How to Prevent Mold

Mold is used to make penicillin and brie, but it can be a real problem when it grows undetected on your carpet, furniture, food, clothing and paper. Mold is difficult to eradicate, and it poses some risks of health problems. In this post, we will discuss the types of mold and their effects on health.…

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